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Where medical knowledge meets patient data at the point of care.

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Making every visit count.

Where medical knowledge meets patient data at the point of care.

Developed by humans, powered by AI, delivered with confidence.

MedPearl provides what clinicians need for making accurate and appropriate referrals – digestible, specialized knowledge personalized to their patient’s EMR data.

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Magic happens when clinicians work with technologists.

Founder Eve Cunningham, MD, MBA  shares the MedPearl mission and vision.

Watch the video to learn how MedPearl brings specialist knowledge to first-touch clinicians (primary care, urgent care) to improve patient outcomes.

“After over a decade in acute care, I’m making the transition to primary care. MedPearl has increased my confidence so much as I move to the ambulatory environment.”

Naomi Diggs, MD, MBA, FACP, Swedish Medical Group

“MedPearl is a gift to our providers, especially those working solo.”

Anh Nguyen, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, ExpressCare / Urgent Care Providence Health and Services

“With the demand for neurology consultation greatly exceeding the supply for the foreseeable future, MedPearl will improve access when it has never been more vital.”

John Zurasky, MD, Co-Chair of Neurology Clinical Institute Providence Health and Services

“I have used it myself with a patient who has a brain tumor. Very useful to reassure our physicians and APPs“

Linda Cruz, MD, Family Physician Chief Medical Officer, PMG Oregon

“Now that we have MedPearl, for the first time in my career, I'm wondering if I can actually stop pinning and taping things over my desk.“

Jeff Wolff-Gee, MD, MBA, Internal Medicine Physician Division Chief, Ambulatory MedicineSwedish Medical Group

A decision support tool built by clinicians for clinicians.

Optimized for point of care

Each of the 550+ topics can be delivered and read by the clinician within two minutes during a patient visit. Information on screen can be shared with the patient who may also gain a deeper understanding of their treatment plan via QR codes and other links.

Editorial collaboration

End-user feedback is integrated into the governance system. An organization’s own content creation with revision capability is also available.

Real-time contextualization

Patient data lives alongside the medical knowledge. From any EMR, MedPearl pulls patient data out of the patient chart and aligns pertinent patient data within the guide or algorithm.


MedPearl content is written by clinicians and powered by AI for information discovery. This helps improve clinical workflows and search engine and creator opportunities.

Making every visit count

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