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MedPearl Digital Assistant

Improves the Clinical Experience

MedPearl Digital Assistant provides trusted medical knowledge that is easy to access, interactive and actionable.

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Patients get better treatment faster.

Relevant specialized knowledge, personalized at the patient level from EMR data, is provided at the first encounter – within two minutes. Medical knowledge 
and patient data are on the same screen for ease of use. Additionally, MedPearl Digital Assistant is platform and EMR agnostic.

Supports value-based care.

Reduces inaccurate and incomplete referrals. And assures patients receive the right care at the right time – providing early diagnosis and improved outcomes. While also empowering patients to better understand and make informed decisions about their care.

Mobile supported features.

MedPearl is available for both iPhone and Android users for clinicians who prefer to access the decision support tool on the go. The clinician can harness the power of MedPearl from anywhere and view the full library.

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Eases and optimizes clinician’s workflow.

Improves patient care.

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Patient Story:

The MedPearl difference

One of our MedPearl users was working late in her urgent care shift when a police officer walked in, explaining that he woke up with his hearing gone in one ear. This physician was initially perplexed, thinking through where a tuning fork might be in the clinic and when she last had a patient present like this. Then she remembered to look in MedPearl. The tinnitus algorithm walked her through what was needed in 3 clicks. She quickly got to what was needed (urgent referral to ENT) and was able to click the MedPearl icon to copy the relevant information to the patient’s chart.

Later, the police officer reached out with a thank you and to report his improvement.

The officer explained that the ENT physician said that this ‘catch’ was the only time he’d seen urgent care or primary care get the patient to him in time to prevent permanent hearing loss. And the police officer was very grateful to start regaining his hearing and be able to continue his career.

Tinnitus with sudden onset unilateral sensorineural hearing loss is an ENT emergency and should be seen by ENT within 72 hours.

Ensure cerumen impaction is not the cause of sudden hearing loss. Sudden unilateral sensorineural hearing loss is an ENT emergency and should be seen within 72 hours. May initiate steroids if audiology not available prior to ENT while referral in process. (Prednisone 40-60 mg/day in am for 3-7 days, then tapered over 1-2 weeks).

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