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Valencia Chloe

May 1, 2024

Join us on this special episode as we share the most striking innovations and discussions from the recent HIMSS 24 conference. Listen in as we dissect the importance of interoperability, health equity, and artificial intelligence in healthcare, and why the true measure of technology's worth is its impact on health outcomes. We also navigate through the potential of AI in addressing social drivers of health and repurposing consumer data to enhance community health strategies, underscoring how technology can transform patient care while still prioritizing the human touch.

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Episode Outline:

(00:02) HIMSS Tech Highlights and Innovations

(14:34) Interdisciplinary Team Approach in Healthcare

(24:17) Advancing Health Equity Through Collaboration

(37:44) Virtual Visits and Telemedicine Explained

(45:40) Understanding Interoperability and Patient Journey Mapping

(52:20) Enhancing Patient Communication With Technology

(57:26) Improving Healthcare Communication and Interoperability

(01:02:39) Improving Healthcare Through Technology

(01:19:00) HIMSS Recap and Future Episodes

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Valencia Chloe

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